unblocksites a free proxy


May be you wonder what is unblockwebsites?

Actually unblockwebsites.site is a site to unblock sites ,youtube ,facebook and every kind of site in restricted Zone (Area) at schools,colleges and work.

When you use unblockwebsites so you are using a free proxy.

Now we can say that the site used is a proxy but Zero charges it does not cost you any cent and any thing once you use it.

Using unblockwebsites you gain free anonimity be sure that your IP address will be hidden and all your computer’s DATA is saved and safe too.

Many internet users today use the proxy just because they are aware about hackers attacks.

exposing your IP address and all your data during surfing on the net is 100 percent risk.

conclusion :

unblockwebsites.site is a free proxy to use to unblock sites , hide ip address and save computer Data.

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